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Medical Cushion Cover



Zerotec waterproof universal cover

  • Description

    The medical grade cushion cover is made from Zerotec fabric which is a medical barrier fabric that has high elasticity in every direction which reduces shear on pressure redistribution surfaces. It is waterproof and wipeable but has microporous breathable properties. This cover has air release vents, welded seams, and waterfall flaps for fluid control.

    Compatible with:

    • Reform Seat Cushions
    • 5cm Seat Cushions
    • Coccyx Cushion
    • Posture Wedge
  • Warranty

    2 Year Standard Warranty

    Standard warranty applies to side rails, pillows, cushions, comfort and positioning products.

    The warranty does not cover damage caused by wear and tear or misuse.

  • More information

    Colors between imagery and actual product may vary, due to manufacturing variations.

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Medical Cushion Cover

45x50 x 7cm


Medical Cushion Cover

45x50 x 7cm

  • Care & Cleaning: To launder the cover in a washing machine, set the main wash to a minimum of 65°C for no less than 10 minutes. The cover can be tumble dried on low heat and the temperature must not exceed 60°C.
  • Air Release Vent: Incorporating air vent grommets into the cushion design, allows air to escape freely, preventing the accumulation of trapped air and improving overall comfort when sitting down.

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